Garlic Infused Chicken Strips

Product Specification

Keep frozen at -18°C
CO2 Emissions
4.20 CO²/kg
Piece Size
6mm Thickness
Pack Size
Case Size
10 x 1kg (10kg)
Standard Pallet Cases
70( 700kg)
Euro Pallet Cases
56 (560kg)
Shelf Life (Frozen)
547 days from date of production (frozen). Once defrosted use within 7 days. Once opened use within 5 days up to a maximum of 7 days after defrost.
Suitable For…
Pizza toppings, Sandwich Fillings, Ready Meals, Snaking
Product Code: 6491

Garlic Infused Chicken Strips

Fully cooked succulent chicken, infused with garlic and marinated in a fresh garlic seasoning.

Did you know?

All our products are Fully Cooked and Ready To Eat.

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