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Batch 85 Range. Shot 3.jpg


Famous for superior craft and quality since 1985, Dawn Farms brings you Batch 85, a carefully chosen selection of signature products made from authentic, simple and responsibly sourced ingredients. 

Choose Batch 85 for 37 years of culinary craftmanship, passion and knowledge in Ready to Eat cooked meats.

9125 Smoked Bacon Topping.Pizza Shot 2.j


  • Developed and cooked to perform for QSR/fast casual sector

  • Fully cooked for hot & cold applications 

  • Suitable for pizza toppings, sandwich fillings & Tex Mex 

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients

6867 Buffalo Chicken.  Conept Shot 3.jpg


  • Innovative and on-trend products for menus 

  • IQF frozen increases shelf life, reducing food waste  

  • Ready to Eat, increasing efficiencies for labour saving 

  • Quick turnaround from Ready to Order range 

7524 Crispy Bacon. Concept Shot 1.jpg


  • A carefully chosen selection of Dawn Farms’ finest signature products.

  • Highest of standards and relentless attention to detail.

  • Authentic, simple and responsibly sourced ingredients.



  • Food safety, secure supply and absolute transparency.

  • World-class Food Plus+ promise.

  • Going the extra mile to protect and enhance our customers’ brands.

4333 Diced Choizo.  Concept Shot 2.jpg


  • 37 years of culinary craftsmanship, passion & knowledge.

  • Sustained investment in the best people, processes, and technologies. 

  • At the cutting edge of food development.

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